History of Quality

The top 10% of Australian Rams

Woolgrowing on Kangaroo Island began in 1836 and we’re dedicated to maintaining our long-held reputation for quality. Our merinos are bred from the top 10% of Australian rams to ensure continuous improvement in both wool quality and robust, healthy animals.

Premium Farms

We look after our sheep.

Producing premium wool requires premium standards. We believe if we look after our sheep, they’ll look after us. Our animal welfare code of practice is overseen by our veterinarian and ensures the highest standards of care, every day.

Each year, our sheep are shorn on their own farms. The fleeces are skirted, leaving only the highest quality wool, and classed on-site. Our landscape is kind on wool, so our fleece is cleaner than most, and our premium clip is consistently finer than the Australian average.

Our Fleece

We keep track of our wool on its travels.

Our fleece, now skirted and classed, is pressed into bales for the journey to the mainland. There’s only one way off Kangaroo Island for our wool – across the treacherous waters of Backstairs Passage. On modern ferries, the crossing begins, but this stretch of water has claimed many ships in past history.

We keep track of our wool on its travels, and can trace each bale back to the flock it was shorn from. Once it reaches the mainland (sometimes called the North Island by locals), it undergoes testing to determine its quality and ensure it is free of any chemical residue.

While much of it is then sold, a special portion is destined to return to its source.

Whole Garment Technology

Entire garments without seams.

Selected bales of Kangaroo Island Wool are cleaned and combed, then spun into yarn. Our pure merino wool is blended with ecologically recognized New Zealand eco fur, a combination that produces garments that are softer, lighter and warmer than wool on its own.

Our manufacturing partner then turns the eco wool blend into a range of quality fashion garments using whole garment technology. This revolutionary knitting process produces entire garments without seams, allowing for lighter weight, no waste, stylish luxtry garments.

Then a range of finished garments return to be sold on Kangaroo Island. Where they go from here is up to you!


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