“I love wearing Kangaroo Island Wool garments – they’re luxuriously soft, warm and lightweight, and so easy to look after. Knowing our wool is in them, we’ve become a bit addicted.”

Why Wool
Wool ticks a lot of boxes for us. It really suits our environment here on the Island, we enjoy working with sheep and they produce a beautiful natural fibre that we enjoy wearing. The way I see it, we look after our sheep and they look after us – win-win!

Our family’s story
My husband Lloyd’s parents settled here as Soldier Settlers in 1955. We’re the second generation of farmers on Deep Dene and our daughter Caitlin is the third. Lloyd and I have been farming the property since the early 1980s and Caitlin joined us at the end of 2015 after she completed her university studies.

The Berry farm
On our farm, Deep Dene, we run 4500 adult merino sheep and crop 600 hectares. We grow GM-free canola, broad beans and wheat. A lot of our wheat is sold to Laucke’s at Strathalbyn for bread flour and Arnott’s for some of their biscuits.
Our area, MacGillivray, is a rural agricultural area, about 26 kilometres from Kingscote. We joke about the local MacGillivray Cricket Club being known as the MCG.

My Kangaroo Island
Anywhere on the coast of Kangaroo Island is beautiful! The wild south coast, superb swimming on the north coast, huge cliffs on the west end, and amazing walks everywhere!

My favourite Kangaroo Island Wool garment:
The Yamba Cable Zip jacket is so my style, and the Corryong Hoodie and Kingscliff vest are on my must-have list.



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