Calling all Kangaroo Island Artist & Designers – Unique Commission Opportunity!

Kangaroo Island Wool is excited to announce a new project to create a unique product for Kangaroo Island – a throw rug made from Kangaroo Island Wool Pty Ltd shareholders merino wool. We are asking for design submissions for a one-off commission to design the knitwear blanket. 

Budget and schedule – A commercial rate will be paid for services on delivery of specifications for the projects final selected entry. Deadline for your submission is 14/03/2019.

Target market – We want to connect with a broad cross-section of the tourism market on Kangaroo Island. Our new rug will make a great lightweight, useful, lasting souvenir for holiday makers. We would also love to see our quality product adopted in the boutique hospitality market on Kangaroo Island. What better welcome to guests than a cosy knitted throw rug designed just for the Island.  And what a beautiful gift it would make for a 21st, wedding or house-warming – a gift that will bring years of joy and memories.

 Available materials/required materials – The throw rug will be made from Kangaroo Island Merino wool. Two yarn colours will be used with a third colour effect available by mixing the two colours (creates a mottled effect). The border will always be in this third colour effect. The colours chosen need to be harmonious and complimentary. The blanket will be professionally knitted in two sizes (Large – 180cm x 140cm and Small – 150cm x 140 cm) on commercial knitting machines by our partner factory in Melbourne. 

Overall style/look – We are looking for modern contemporary forms of artwork that are a classic, timeless refection of Kangaroo Island. A true keep sake that will last for many years to come. Please do not be discouraged if your artistic or design skill does not lie in knitwear design. We are open to all submissions, keeping in mind the restrictions involved in the finished product (eg composition, construction and colour). We have an expert team of knitwear designers and technicians to work alongside you and help to bring your ideas to life.  This is a a fantastic opportunity for new and established artist and designers. 

Kangaroo Island residents – current or past – will be preferred in the tender process. For more details or to submit your designs contact Lucy McNaught – Kangaroo Island Wool’s sales and marketing manager – or phone 0459 121 097.






Almost halfway through my favorite month of the year September, it is a beautiful time of year on Kangaroo Island everything is lush, green and alive! Rainbows on every vista, wildlife galore. The start of spring!! Now September has become way more cool, as we celebrate the act of reusing something previously loved, for a whole month! There is a group here on our little Island getting together once a week to make shopping bags from old clothing. Also found a fabulous article By Harper’s Bazaar ‘Three ways to go beyond Second Hand September’. I find it highly satisfying having a big fashion brand promote such a thing. Second hand September is a great way to shine a light on a huge environmental and ethical issue worldwide. As landfills fill up with thousands of tons of fabric everyday, alot made from plastic. Every time you wash your fleece clothing parts are washed into waterways, making their way into the streams & oceans. It’s time to make a change, if only for the the month of September and small, it all makes a difference.

Personally I have always shopped second hand, influenced by my family and having savy big sisters and late 90’s think Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, rocking 70’s old man pants with Converse all Stars or layers of petticoats with Dr Martin boots (que shocked parents). These days are much more refined, often buying my daughter a few things in good nick, especially for kindergarten. I love looking for second hand denim jeans, shoes, coats and dresses, I find it frees up finances to buy the finer things in life, like travel or nice lunch out And don’t get me wrong, I love to buy wooly jumpers from the second hand shop, I do still have a collection of vintage knits, but working with Kangaroo Island Wool, I am a bit spoilt of choice these days.

Dinosaur teddy made from sechand merino possum blend jumper.

Another inspiration from secondhand September is that I need a major spring clean. It is a great opportunity to have sort out and donate unwanted items of use. A little tip from work experience in the secondhand trade over years, think seasonal. Opportunity shops don’t want all your old ski wear heading into summer, instead store it and donate at the beginning of next Winter end of Autumn. Instead, have look through your summer clothing see if you need to declutter and donate for someone else to love!

Keith and Erica Bolto, pictured with sons Alby and Max.
Keith is one our wool growers, he is part of the Kangaroo Island board of trustees & Vice chair SASAG. Busy young family, pathing the way for a new way in farming for the next
generation to come.
Thanks to Erica for the wonderful photos.

I have been getting a bit behind with our blog, that old cliché of being a bit to busy on the frontline. Winter is quiet on Kangaroo Island, but not for long and not if you sell woolly jumpers it seems!

It made me think of the boss, well, the guy I answer too you could say, Greg Johnsson, and all the hard work Greg and many others do within our farming community.

Greg not only oversees all aspects of Kangaroo Island Wool, he also runs a program called Farm Owners Academy. Check out this episode of Landline here to learn all about some of our young farmers thriving in a new innovative program pathing the way for new modern way of life on the farm.

How we farm

Kangaroo Island Wool’s wonderful, natural fibre is grown and harvested annually from hand selected, elite sheep well cared for by us; professional farmers and a veterinarian.

Geoff Nut

We are all shareholders in the company, living and working on our properties on Kangaroo Island. The good health and welfare of our sheep is at the core of our management approach and it defines our commitment to the ethical production of wool and meat. Each of our farms has its own specific diagnostic and monitoring program to promote good health and animal husbandry for the life of our sheep.

The Bell family of
Bellevista farms Ltd.

Kangaroo Island Wool farms are productive because of our deep understanding of the interplay between our sheep and their environment. Our wool is grown by merino and non-merino sheep that graze pastures in free-range conditions all year round, with additional supplementary feed being supplied as required at times of the year when pasture growth is low.

Bolto Family of Bolto Parnters

We understand and respect Kangaroo Island’s unique natural environment and we work hard to maintain sustainable production systems in the long term. Strong relationships and a transparent supply chain are central to our philosophy. You can be sure that our sheep are as happy growing their wool here on Kangaroo Island year after year as your customers will be wearing it.

Christine & Lloyd Berry of Deepdene Farm – Kangaroo Island

Traceability, quality, retail – the next chapter

Kangaroo Island Iconic Remarkable Rocks
Flinders Chase National park

Kangaroo Island is swept clean by winds off the Southern Ocean, so we know nothing keeps you warm like a Kangaroo Island Wool garment. The natural, renewable fibres in our ecowool blend have exceptional thermal qualities, to keep you warm even when they get wet. You’ll enjoy years of comfort and style in your new garment, with a luxurious, soft feeling on your skin.

Only our finest fleece is selected for our own fashion range, and
we can follow its journey from the shearing shed on our beautiful Kangaroo Island to the retail outlet and now to you. We have partnered with our Australian manufacturers, Merino Snug, where each garment is made using whole garment seamless technology for maximum comfort and style. Merino Possum is 55% warmer than wool alone. Its lightweight and easy to care for. No pill and zero itch. Our garments are made from a blend of Kangaroo Island fine merino wool, New Zealand possum fur and a small amount of nylon for durability.

These natural and sustainable fibers make timeless, versatile clothing and accessories. Merino Possum is the ultimate in luxury knitwear, naturally soft and knitted with seamless design technology to create wonderfully light weight, extra warm, extremely comfortable garments and accessories.

Kangaroo Island Wool’s goal is to promote the unique story of the Kangaroo Island wool industry, focusing on the aesthetic and environmental appeal of our geographic location, maintaining excellent environmental practices, high standards of animal husbandry and welfare practices and promoting the value of the family farm all the way to Fashion.

We are about to launch a new Kangaroo Island Wool pure Merino Throw Blanket. We had a successful submission, working on a final colour-way. Ready for sale end August 2019.

Coralie Riedel and Her partner David Smiley own and operate Rustic Blue Gallery Kangaroo Island. They have been amazing supporter of Kangaroo Island Wool. They Stock a broad range of Jumpers, Cardi’s, Ponchos, Beanies, Gloves and Scarfs for both Men and Women.
Rustic Blue is a great stop as part of your journey down the South Coast Road towards Flinders Chase National Park.
Karoonda Farm Fair Fashion Show

Coralie and Rod Millar
from AWN

Coralie on the road with Art, Photography, Eucalyptus Oil and Kangaroo Island Wool at the Karoonda Farm Fair 2019. Was off to a windy start! but over all a fantastic weekend. Thank so much Coralie for your hard work. Kangaroo Island Wool, a true ‘Farm to Fashion’ Story.

Coralie’s Market Stall

Check Out the range here – Use the code – rustic blue – receive free shipping – worldwide – terms apply – orders over $150

Just thought i’d have a quick chat about a popular topic in todays world. Debated worldwide at present, people are asking is it sustainable? And Righty so, we do have a huge problem!! If you are like me and have started to say ‘no’ to single use plastic, yes I have a keep-cup and clean kanteen drink bottles! Then maybe you should consider wool next time you up date your wardrobe.

‘Sustainability is the process of maintaining change in a balanced fashion, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations.’[

The extract from above is from Wiki, it’s was easier than re-hashing.

Research and History show Wool is sustainable when farmed in the correct environment, with the right balance. Caring for animals and the environment together as a first priority. Good farm management and planning. Providing a safe, healthy and happy experience for that sheeps life span and in return we can provide a warm, natural fibre that is versatile and environmentally kind and sustainable . Wool can be used in so many ways from fine wool suits, active wear, knitwear, soft furnishing, carpet and even house insulation! to name a few. Wool is naturally fire retardant, repels insects and is warm even when you get it wet. It is also truly bio-degradable.

I am lucky to have grown up with Wool, many of my family members knit, I believe because of that my family and myself are enlighten to make the effort to buy Wool, ready made or yarn. The benefits out way the cost any day. Choose wisely tho, most Wool garments last 15 years plus!!

Naturally being the sales manager for Kangaroo Island Wool I would like everyone to buy from our wonderfull selection of merino possum wear. But thats not reality. Just buy Wool, from our store, our retailers on Kangaroo Island, hunt it out at the op-shop!! Buy some yarn and learn to knit or crochet!  It’s Healthier for us all!

Epic week Just gone! First up, I showed our new range of knit wear to our fabulous retailers, setting up at Emu Ridge. Next off the list, a visit from our manufactures manager Alvie, flying in from Melbourne! Flung Alvie around the Island showing off a few farm gates, dinner followed by our Kangaroo Island Wool AGM. The next day a quick stop at the Beehive then off to the airport, bye Alvie!! Then to top off the week I rounded up some Authentic and Proudly Kangaroo Island beauties and whipped up a Fashion Show at the Parndana Show! Phew!! Was a fabulous week. But I am glad it’s all done and dusted.

Special thanks to the organises of the Parndana Show Nic Tremaine and Kate Santon, what a huge effort and we are already looking forward to the 60th annual Parndana Show next year!  Coralie Riedel for all your help with the models.  Maggie Patterson Photography for fantastic photos!

Last but not least big thanks to all the models, you all did a fabulous job!




I often get customers asking about how to wash their new Jumper or scarf, and often people are wary of wool because they think you have to hand wash.

Firstly lets tackle a few old myths out there, gone are the days of hand washing wool.  Kangaroo Island Merino blended with Possum Fur creates an easy care wool product you can wash in the machine, with wool mix on a cold wool setting. I recently had my little one spill yogurt all down my front (don’t ask!!) I was in an extra long scarf and Cardigan, upon arriving home I attacked my Cardigan and Scarf with a bar of Emu Ridge eucalyptus soap and popped it in the wash on cold, wool setting and came out clean and fluffier than before.  Merino Possum actually likes being washed, but don’t forget to lie your woolies flat on a clothes airing rack to dry, hanging can cause stretching out of shape.

Secondly, no shrinking or pilling! A wool fur blend creates a fluffy texture with minimal pilling, I sometimes pull large balls under the arms of my Cardigan but its easy to remove and only a few. Merino/Possum blends likes to be washed, they do grow in shape as they are worn, as a note make sure you buy a snug fit, and wash them regularly to firm and fluff up the fabric.

happy washing!

Well look what happens when we start networking together!

Very proud to be in the paper last month. Great article about our Kangaroo Island Wool and Grower Christine Berry did an fabulous job with her interview.

Was fun to be out on the farm, and be interviewed by the lovely Erin from the Advertiser. Especially so because both Christine and I are passionate about what we do. We are at separate ends of the industry and are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work together……..even a few cuddles in the paddock!

Special thanks to Barbara Sibley for helping to get this off the ground.

Link to article


Was a a while back, but we have been a bit busy here only just getting a chance to jot this down now! Fantastic talk Rod Miller (AWN SA Wool Marketing Manager) & I presented to the ladies that attended the conference.  Highlight was an interview with Abc rural radio.

Here are my notes from my presentation you can have read.

“My Name is Lucy McNaught and I’m a Kiwi living and working in rural South Australia, Kangaroo Island. Recently, I happen to meet the Kangaroo Island Wool group, accepting the role as Sales Manager. A very exciting opportunity to say the least.

I have a long history with wool in my life growing up on sheep farm in central New Zealand, a small district called the Rangitikei. I spent long days on the farm with dad and in the wool shed too. But passion for fashion was where my life and career have taken me. Working for Kangaroo Island Wool is huge opportunity for me.”

  • Lucy McNaught is a Sales expert from Kangaroo Island South Australia and recently excepted a fantastic opportunity with Kangaroo Island Wool as Sales Manager, Marketing and Managing  the sale of Kangaroo Island Merino and New Zealand possum fur luxury fashion clothing and accessories on Kangaroo Island and there new website . Lucy studied a bachelor of fashion and design and has worked in retail for 20 years.  Having previously worked with merino possum clothing in her origin of New Zealand and in retail on Kangaroo Island, Lucy has extensive sales experience and knowledge too offer this region.  Growing up in New Zealand on a sheep farm in the Rangitikei district of the central North Island and a Husband that is a sheep shearer, has contributed to her connection in agriculture whilst still remaining a fashionista at heart. Lucy is passionate about helping to improve the supply of ‘farm to fashion’ and to educate people on buying quality products that are renewable, sustainable and last the test of time!  Lucy will be presenting on how local branding can change the way we consume. And the diversity and opportunities it offers the community. 

Very lucky to have a personal insight with the job I do.

A few weeks back, my Husband came home from a days Shearing and told me about little Winston Clark, the son of Nick and Penny Clark, one of Kangaroo Island Wools Growers and where my Husband happen to be shearing the past two weeks.  As they days flew by I thought I had missed my chance to share this little gem in the dust and dags……but no come Cut-out (last day often ending with drinks and food afterwards) he was still going strong!

Meet Winston Clark, he has shorn this sheep for two to three runs a day (a run is two hours long) most days for the past two weeks! Dressed in tiny shearing jeans and singlet to match, wooden hand-piece in hand. Winston is not just Shearing he is captivated and very observant, often just watching then mimicking the Sheep Shearers.

Very cute Winston! thanks to you and Nick and Penny for this wonderful story a great afternoon-evening.  Great end to Australia Day.




Congratulation to Mary Hewett! For winning Kangaroo Island Wool’s $100 voucher for our New Years Promotion on Facebook.

Thanks for all your Entries and look out for more promotion! ‘Like’ our Facebook page for more chances to win.

“My name is Mary Hewett, I live in Adelaide but am fortunate enough to own a house and some land at Antechamber Bay so am a frequent visitor to the Island. I have been travelling to KI since I was about 3 years old!
Thank you so much for the prize  and I look forward to using it when the weather has cooled down slightly!!!
Mary Hewett”



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