Complete Commitment

Kangaroo Island Wool’s commitment to quality begins on our farms and extends through the manufacture and point of sale, thanks to our partner’s Australian Wool Network.


Quality Provenance

Our Island environment is perfect for producing fine Merino wool, and our growers are rewarded with especially fine wool. A select portion of our total wool clip is devoted to Kangaroo Island Wool’s part in the Australian Wool Networks ‘DNA‘ project, and we can trace the wool from its Island home all the way through production.


High manufacturing standards

The manufactures of the garments we sell are committed to the highest standards, knitted with seamless design technology for maximum comfort and avoids a huge amount of waste that ‘cut and sew’ manufacture style creates.

Some of the garments we sell are made from a blend of Kangaroo Island fine merino wool, New Zealand possum fur and a small amount of nylon for durability, others are 100% pure Merino wool.

the Merino Possum range is 55% warmer than wool alone.
It’s lightweight and easy to care for. No pill and zero itch.

Treasure for years


When you buy from Kangaroo Island Wool, you can be sure it’s a purchase you will treasure for many years to come.
These natural and sustainable fibers make timeless, versatile clothing and accessories.
Merino Possum and pure Merino are the ultimate in luxury knitwear, naturally soft to create wonderfully lightweight, extra warm, extremely comfortable garments, that are biodegradable, sustainable, renewable in more ways than one.


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