Unique Landscape

Exposed to the power of the Southern Ocean and isolated from the mainland for millennia, Kangaroo Island is a wild and wonderful landscape, full of its own abundant wildlife and blessed with idyllic rural vistas and a spectacular coastline.


Isolated Tourism

The third-largest island off the Australian mainland, the Island is home to fewer than 4500 people. These lucky few are joined by more than 200,000 visitors every year, thanks to the Island’s worldwide reputation as a tourist destination.

Flora & Fauna

Almost half of Kangaroo Island is covered by protected native vegetation, with on-farm conservation areas being a major contributor to this. Forests, shrublands, grasslands, swamps and creeks teem with birds, reptiles, koalas, and (of course) the hopping marsupial that gives the island its name. The marine environment is home to sea lions, whales and the state’s iconic Leafy Sea Dragon, with areas of special significance conserved in marine parks.


Our agriculture is proudly GM-free. Wool, prime lamb, beef, mutton, broad acre crops (canola, wheat, beans, barley, oats), seafood, honey, wine, cheese, free-range chickens and eggs, fruit and vegetables, and farm forestry products such as oils are all part of an industry that accounts for more than half the Island’s gross product.


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