Our Island

Unique landscape & isolated tourism

Exposed to the power of the Southern Ocean and isolated from the mainland for millennia, Kangaroo Island is a wild and wonderful landscape, full of its own abundant wildlife and blessed with idyllic rural vistas and a spectacular coastline.

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Our history & values

Since 1836

Kangaroo Island Wool exists to build on the long history of woolgrowing on this Island. As professional woolgrowers our simple philosophy is that looking after our sheep will ensure they look after us. And because we really love what we do, you can be sure that our sheep will be as happy growing their wool here on Kangaroo Island as you will be wearing it.

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Our wool growers

Our woolgrowers love what they do.

To produce the highest quality Merino wool, you need the right environment, the right sheep, and, of course, the right farmers. Our woolgrowers just love what they do, and they strive to improve every season.

Our growers are all individuals, but they share a common belief: if they look after our sheep, our sheep will look after them. Meet some of them here.

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History of quality

The top 10% of Australian Rams

Woolgrowing on Kangaroo Island began in 1836 and we’re dedicated to maintaining our long-held reputation for quality. Our merinos are bred from the top 10% of Australian rams to ensure continuous improvement in both wool quality and robust, healthy animals.

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