Renewable Wool

Wool is a natural, renewable fibre, and Kangaroo Island Wool is dedicated to the long-term development of an industry that is socially and environmentally responsible.

Precious Environment

Our Island environment is unique and precious. As woolgrowers and farmers, our idea of best practice is to tailor our activities to suit the natural environment, not the other way around. Our farms sit within a landscape of native vegetation that supports our wildlife side by side with our flocks and crops.

Animal Welfare

We recognise that we have an obligation to improve the sustainability, productivity and profitability of all our growers, as well as their broader community. And we also strongly believe that ethical and humane treatment of our sheep is fundamental.

Codes of Practice

To support our aims, we have developed our own Codes of Practice for:

  • sheep health and welfare
  • management excellence
  • social good
  • premium fibre
  • environmental care.

Our commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond our farms to our manufacturing partners, who apply their own stringent ethical and environmental standards to every stage of the processing and manufacturing process.


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