Our commitment to quality

Complete commitment

Our commitment to quality begins on our farms and extends through the manufacture and point of sale.

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Renewable Wool

Wool is a natural, renewable fibre, and Kangaroo Island Wool is dedicated to the long-term development of an industry that is socially and environmentally responsible.

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About your garment

The top 10% of Australian Rams

Woolgrowing on Kangaroo Island began in 1836 and we’re dedicated to maintaining our long-held reputation for quality. Our merinos are bred from the top 10% of Australian rams to ensure continuous improvement in both wool quality and robust, healthy animals.

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Garment care

With care, your Kangaroo Island Wool garment will provide many years of stylish comfort.

For best results, hand-wash in lukewarm water using a quality wool detergent and rinse with cold water. Garments may be spun on the woollen cycle and dried flat or over a clothes airer away from direct heat or sunlight. Press with a steam iron on a cool ‘wool’ setting.

Garments labelled “machine washable” may be machine washed using the wool cycle.

All garments may be dry cleaned if you prefer.

Never tumble dry or bleach your garment.

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