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Join us on an immersive 45-minute working mill tour, starting with an impressive cinematic experience hosted in Australia’s only 9-meter Igloo Dome, and explore the history of Kangaroo Island. From our early settlers through to today’s wool farmers, meet the people that have shaped Kangaroo Island’s wool legacy.

During your cinema experience, you will enjoy a diverse section of Kangaroo Island’s history. You’ll be surrounded by working farms and shearing sheds, sheep dogs, adorable lambs and our beautiful coastline in full 360 degree glory.

Afterwards, you will embark on a fully guided tour through our working mill (one of Australia's only vertical mills). From the scouring of raw fiber through to the knitting of finished garments, this fully guided experience is not one to be missed.

What You’ll Experience

History of Kangaroo Island Wool

Starting in Australia’s only 9-meter igloo dome, immerse yourself in a captivating cinematic experience all whilst discovering the history of our beloved island.

Virtual Farming Experience

Watch the inner workings of a shearing shed, see feeding, mustering, yard work and drafting.

Mill Tour

A guided tour of our vertical wool mill where we take raw fibre and turn it into beautiful garments.


Discover the latest collection from Kangaroo Island Wool and treat yourself to beautiful garments to take home.


"My family was fortunate to be on the 11 am tour of the mill with Sophie. Sophie was extremely knowledgeable and was very generous with her time and care with us. We all enjoyed the tour of the mill immensely, it’s great to see wool grown on KI turned into a garment. We purchased three jumpers that I know we’ll proudly wear for many many years. Thanks Sophie & Lucy for such a great experience, we would all highly recommend visitors and locals make the time to visit."
Melody T.
"Took my mother there today and she had the most amazing time. We did the tour, which is a must. Great for people with disabilities, all one level and wide door access. The whole process was showed from the raw product to the end product. The ladies there so helpful and lovely in the shop you just couldn’t go home with out purchasing something or more!!! Fabulous day."
Jenepher H.
"We loved our recent tour of the Kangaroo Island mill, escorted by Sophie and Lucy. Fascinating to understand the process of turning wool from the sheep’s back into a finished luxury garment. We came away with four scarves and two jumpers!"
Roger S.
"We visited KI wool yesterday and the whole family thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The ladies were so friendly and informative. It was wonderful to see the process of shearing through to garments being made on the premises. The 360 degree dome was great. Definitely 10/10 experience and if visiting KI a must do."
"Fabulous place to visit and the products are beautifully unique in the world of woollen fashion. Take some time to do the tour if you are on Kangaroo Island. The customer service is outstanding. My visit to them was one my favourite places to go on my recent trip."
Jill A.
"Loved our tour! Our tour leader was passionate about this whole enterprise and her enthusiasm was infectious. The 3D media presentation was an excellent way to present the history of KI and this innovative company. The physical tour was informative, eye opening and allowed hands on access to the product at each stage in the process. Their garments are lovely and of the highest quality. This enterprise deserves to succeed! The Wool Tour shows a whole different side to KI-you should go!"
Jane G.
"The KI Wool Mill is a definite must see when visiting Kangaroo Island. Our tour through the Mill started with a 360-degree video in the special dome room – a very unique experience with so much to see at once – a great insight into the history and farming on the island! So good to see the passion of the farmers who supply the wool. This was followed by a fascinating journey tracking the processes that wool goes through from sheep’s back right through to being turned into a garment."
"We absolutely loved this tour. Sophie, Emma and Sabine did a stellar job in educating us about the production and manufacturing of wool from the time it's shorn off the sheep to creating a beautiful and sustainable garment. The 360⁰ video experience was very informative and fun. It was great to hear about how the sheep farmers on KI are passionate about sustainable farming and lessening the negative impact on the environment. A very worthwhile visit."
Christine L.
"What an amazing experience - if you haven't been to KI Wool yet, put it on your 'must see' list!! From the 360 theatre experience to the wool journey from sheep's back to knitted garment, the tour covers it all."
Lyn D.
"I took the tour through the new Kangaroo Island Wool factory and showroom today. What a great experience! From the immersive 360 degree cinema experience, then through the factory seeing and understanding all of the steps required to turn raw wool in to yarn, then on to the state of the art whole garment knitting machine, the tour gave me a fascinating insight in to why wool and woolen garments are truly amazing products. To see every step in the process being managed in the one location was very unique."
Greg J.

Booking Information


45 Mins


$30 AUD

What it Includes?

  • Expert-Guided Mill Tour Experience
  • Immersive Historical Cinematic Presentation
  • Virtually witness a working farm and the inside of a shearing shed
  • View the latest showroom collections

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Step into a world where history intertwines with innovation, as you thread your way through a journey of how raw wool transforms into world-class garments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our expert tour guide will be with your group throughout the tour.

The tour is 100 meters long and will last for 45 mins to an hour. It is highly recommended that participants are able to walk for 100 m (or be wheeled). Participants can sit for the 17-min duration of the cinema if required.

We highly recommend booking online to reserve your spot. Tours can also be booked at premises; however, subject to availability.

Yes, you can. We accept all major credit cards.

We have plenty of on-site parking available.

We do have disabled facilities on-site.

No food or drinks can be consumed during our tour.

We are not able to accommodate pets at this time.

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