Why wool?
I enjoy the lifestyle that comes with managing a family woolgrowing business. Every day at work is a new experience. I love watching my sheep and wool quality improve over time and I enjoy producing a natural raw product that satisfies one of the basic human needs – warmth.

Our family’s story
I’m a fourth-generation farmer. My great-grandfather began farming in the Jamestown area in the mid-north of South Australia. In 2005 we made the decision to focus on woolgrowing and decided to relocate to Kangaroo Island.

The Clark farm
Our farm is near the town of Parndana on the Seddon Plateau. Our soils are mainly ironstone loam which supports a subterranean clover and annual grass pasture. We think it’s the perfect environment to produce fine merino wool.

Our flock consists mostly of fine wool merinos. We breed a type that we feel is most suited to the Kangaroo Island environment.

My Kangaroo Island
My favourite place to go on the Island is the Parndana Sports Club, because that’s where I get to spend time with my family. (And because the Roosters are champions!)

My favourite Kangaroo Island Wool garment:
A poncho that my wife wears constantly.

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