Easy Care Wool Products

I often get customers asking about how to wash their new Jumper or scarf, and often people are wary of wool because they think you have to hand wash.

Firstly lets tackle a few old myths out there, gone are the days of hand washing wool.  Kangaroo Island Merino blended with Possum Fur creates an easy care wool product you can wash in the machine, with wool mix on a cold wool setting. I recently had my little one spill yogurt all down my front (don't ask!!) I was in an extra long scarf and Cardigan, upon arriving home I attacked my Cardigan and Scarf with a bar of Emu Ridge eucalyptus soap and popped it in the wash on cold, wool setting and came out clean and fluffier than before.  Merino Possum actually likes being washed, but don't forget to lie your woolies flat on a clothes airing rack to dry, hanging can cause stretching out of shape. Secondly, no shrinking or pilling! A wool fur blend creates a fluffy texture with minimal pilling, I sometimes pull large balls under the arms of my Cardigan but its easy to remove and only a few. Merino/Possum blends likes to be washed, they do grow in shape as they are worn, as a note make sure you buy a snug fit, and wash them regularly to firm and fluff up the fabric.

happy washing!

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