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If you follow our Kangaroo Island Wool Journey, you’ll know we are close to completing the build of our own vertical wool mill to put slow fashion into practice. We will process only the best merino wool from our wool grower shareholders in our own factory right here on Kangaroo Island. Grow, harvest, scour, card, comb, draft, spin and knit - all in the one location!That’s true SLOW FASHION!

Recently we unpacked and installed our WHOLEGARMENT ® knitting machine. With that machine comes a three-week intensive knit training course in Wakayama, Japan, with the creators of the device SHIMA SEIKI ®. The products that can be made with this machine are mind-blowing! Check out the photo gallery for inspiration.

Photos below are designs from the Shima Seiki®️ showroom.

Lucy has taken the opportunity to learn the future-of-textiles skill of  ‘knit programming’ using the Shima Seiki®️ patented APEX4 proprietary pattern design software. Lucy's design style will focus on simple classic designs that will have longevity. As wool lasts a lifetime if cared for correctly, it makes sense to make styles that stand the test of time and can be paired with the modern to the maximum and every style in between! As we transition from our previous product range made from merino/possum blend to pure merino wool products you will see a more cohesive capsule range being developed.  

Our all new accessories are ready to order now. Model Poppy wears our new merino wool rib beanie, also available are headbands and fingerless mittens, ideal for WinterA new design lightweight crew neck tee and roll neck poncho (great for layering) will also be available from mid-April.  

Willson Rib Beanie - All Merino Wool 

We are so pleased to be working with our ShimaSeiki® WHOLEGARMET® knitting machine – the first of it’s type in South Australia. Waste is such a critical issue in the apparel textiles industry. It's overwhelming to think about. From the enormous amount of road and sea miles in almost all yarns to the garment fabrication waste, it's why true SLOW FASHION is the only sustainable way to go. 

SHIMA SEIKI® developed WHOLEGARMENT® technology, and their patented world-class knitting machines knit garments in their entirety, cutting out waste fabric and saving time. It’s a win for the environment and a win for you!

It's time garment manufacturers made the right choices to bring customers truly sustainable products. That's why at Kangaroo Island Wool, we choose in house yarn processing and SHIMA SEIKI® knitting machines.

Its time to buy better and keep forever. 

Its time to buy better. Keep forever. 



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