All Wrapped Up

Over the past week, I saw a few different ways to wear a wrap and I thought you might find the following options interesting. You really can make the most of a wrap/shawl - so many different ways you can style just by adding a few simple, timeless accessories. 
The Stokes Bay wrap is perfect to accompany your Summer style as the sun sets and it cools off. Cosy up in a lightweight breathable merino wrap!  
A wrap is a must have inclusion in the on-trend ‘multi-functioning’ wardrobe.  These days less is more. It's time to invest in essential quality, durable Australian made garments. 
Check out our range of wraps - the Vivonne Bay Wrap is a large rectangle split up the middle, whereas the Stokes Bay and Ligurian Lace Wraps are longer rectangles without the split.
Our model, Becky, is wearing the Stokes Bay Wrap. We used a pin crafted by a Local Artist, Pattie Blue - you can inquire at Fine Art Kangaroo Island for more details. We also used two small safety pins.
These classic wraps have a different look and effect each time you wear them, depending on how you drape them over your shoulder. Secure with a pin, brooch or simple kilt pin. 
Pin at the shoulder to create a poncho and style multiple ways by gently swinging the wrap around and placing the pin at a different neckline point. Becky and I got creative and sat the pin at the back nape of her neck.  Becky has a casual white tee on, a classic look - imagine this with a black dress or long-sleeved top and trousers, and some high heels! A chic look for a night out. 
And speaking of evening wear, this is my favourite way to wear a wrap. Pinned at the front on the collar and hung over the shoulders. I love how it drapes at the back, stunning! This look could be worn casually or for a more formal event in the evening with that ‘little black dress’ and heels. 
You can also see a draped scarf and an ‘oversized’ knotted scarf in these photos, both bold fashion statements. 

Now we are getting a bit funky! Using two safety pins, you can make a stylish bolero.  Becky is wearing this wrap long ways and pinned at each cuff. 
The drape is sensational! So now we have four garments in one! The list is endless. Classic wrap and hang. Can you tell I love a wrap?

How many benefits are there when you own a multifunction garment like the Stokes Bay wrap?
  • Save space, time, money and add more clarity to your wardrobe life. 
  • Environmentally more conscious with less waste fabric and fewer piles of washing. 
  • More confident knowing you always have attire for all occasions, assuring you always look fabulous! 
  • Travel lighter and with fewer clothes.  
Again. The list is endless! Not to mention the quality and durability of Kangaroo Island Wool garments and the fact that they are made in Australia……… let's cover that next time!
I hope you enjoyed this little breakdown of our functional wrap. I plan to bring more blogs from the ‘style guide’ aspect, especially once we start producing garments locally on Kangaroo Island. 

The factory build, and shop news.

The shop development in the Cygnet River Woolshed has been put on hold by a less than average engineers report.  This 80 year old concrete block construction will require a lot of upgrading to meet the earthquake code. This means a change of direction and the incorporation of our retail space into the factory space. Fortunately we had allowed enough space for this to happen so all good!

The plan is still to open the incredible immersive tourism experience, mini-mill and a knit factory later in 2022
The full service wool processing plant includes scouring, combing, carding, spinning, and knitting plant at the new Cygnet River site. Anyone who visits us on Kangaroo Island, “overseas” guests and residents alike, will have the opportunity to take a tour. The guided tour will allow you to understand the significant history of the wool industry of Kangaroo Island, starting in 1836, and its essential role in the development of Kangaroo Island and its contribution to the the South Australian economy, see how wool is grown and harvested on modern progressive farms, then turned into beautiful, luxurious products. This experience will involve a full factory tour that customers can pre-book daily through our website. 
In the meantime, you can shop online at - get 15% off when you sign-up for our newsletter.
Or visit all these fabulous shops that stock a range of products. 

Farm Life.

I took a quick trip out west last week to catch up with wool growing shareholder Hannah from Turkey Lane Merinos.
Hannah and John were overseeing the sheep shearing when we arrived in the beautifully designed new woolshed. It was time to feed out the sheep, so we went along for the ride. 
Check out our pictorial diary below - what cracking photos!

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