New Website and New Beginnings - A Real Farm to Fashion venture

Over the past five years, the team at Kangaroo Island Wool has been delighting wool lovers with our stylish AND comfortable luxury wool garments available through Island retailers and online.

Wool, a natural, sustainable fibre, makes durable, versatile clothing and accessories. Soft and luxurious, when you buy Kangaroo Island Wool products, you can be sure to treasure the purchase for many years to come.

We now have inspiring news: our very first physical store will be opening up in winter 2023, and it will be right in the heart of Kangaroo Island. You can follow the development stages on our brand-new website, and we would be delighted to see you at our shop opening.

Soon after this fantastic new venue has opened, we plan to build our own wool processing plant, including washing, combing, carding, spinning, and knitting - all at the new Cygnet River site. Anyone who visits us on Kangaroo Island, tourism visitors and local residents alike, will have the opportunity to take a tour to learn about the significant history of the wool industry of Kangaroo Island and it's important role in the South Australian wool industry, see how wool is grown and harvested and then turned into beautiful, luxurious products. This experience will involve a full factory tour that can be booked daily through our website. 

We will continue to produce outerwear garments similar to what we already retail now—jumpers, ponchos, wraps, scarves, beanies. But additionally, there is enormous potential to make so much more. The sky is the limit with the new plant, and very soon, you will be able to acquire homeware items such as blankets, soft furnishings such as lampshades, and even rugs and woven garments. 

Sustainability is the best thing about this new part of our business. We will now produce natural fashion clothing and more without all the nasty waste and road and sea miles. All created on Kangaroo Island from wool grown on the Island by our wool producing shareholders; our wool won't travel the world like it usually does. 

Focusing on the aesthetic and environmental appeal of the Island's geographic location, maintaining excellent environmental practices, high standards of animal husbandry and welfare practices, and promoting the family farm's value, Kangaroo Island Wool produces garments that are not just your usual winter woollies. 

Imagine a beautiful summer day spent on the beach coming to an end, and you are enjoying the sunset together with your family, holding a glass of wine to finish off a sun-filled adventurous day. The cool creeps in a little, and the Emu Bay Poncho saves the evening. Available in four stunning colours, made from superfine Kangaroo Island merino wool, this attractive design has a triangular hemline and a warm, stylish roll neck.

Once we are finally allowed to fly again, don't forget to bring along a warm scarf to keep you cozy during that chilly plane trip. The Stokes Bay Wrap can be anything you need, blanket, scarf or wrap and comes in five classic colours.

If you are not planning to visit beautiful Kangaroo Island in the next few months, don't worry. You can also purchase all of our items online as we invite you to our brand-new Kangaroo Island Wool website. Come and enjoy this fast and efficient online shopping experience and explore our New Website offer of 15% per cent of all purchases over $150.

Kangaroo Island is bouncing back, and we appreciate your support in these new and inspiring times for our business and our Island home.

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