• New Website and New Beginnings - A Real Farm to Fashion venture

    New Website and New Beginnings - A Real Farm to Fashion venture
    Over the past five years, the team at Kangaroo Island Wool has been delighting wool lovers with our stylish AND comfortable luxury wool garments available through Island retailers and online. Wool, a natural, sustainable fibre, makes durable, versatile clothing and accessories. Soft and luxurious, when you buy Kangaroo Island Wool products, you can be sure to treasure the purchase for many years to come....
  • Easy Care Wool Products

    Easy Care Wool Products
    I often get customers asking about how to wash their new Jumper or scarf, and often people are wary of wool because they think you have to hand wash. Firstly lets tackle a few old myths out there, gone are the days of hand washing wool.  Kangaroo Island Merino blended with Possum Fur creates an easy care wool product you can wash in the...
  • Team Effort..........Ewe beauty!

    Team Effort..........Ewe beauty!
    Well look what happens when we start networking together! Very proud to be in the paper last month. Great article about our Kangaroo Island Wool and Grower Christine Berry did an fabulous job with her interview. Was fun to be out on the farm, and be interviewed by the lovely Erin from the Advertiser. Especially so because both Christine and I are passionate about what...
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