Young, Fresh & Innovative.

Keith and Erica Bolto, pictured with sons Alby and Max.
Keith is one our wool growers, he is part of the Kangaroo Island board of trustees & Vice chair SASAG. Busy young family, pathing the way for a new way in farming for the next
generation to come.
Thanks to Erica for the wonderful photos.

I have been getting a bit behind with our blog, that old cliché of being a bit to busy on the frontline. Winter is quiet on Kangaroo Island, but not for long and not if you sell woolly jumpers it seems!

It made me think of the boss, well, the guy I answer too you could say, Greg Johnsson, and all the hard work Greg and many others do within our farming community.

Greg not only oversees all aspects of Kangaroo Island Wool, he also runs a program called Farm Owners Academy. Check out this episode of Landline here to learn all about some of our young farmers thriving in a new innovative program pathing the way for new modern way of life on the farm.

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