Thriving Womens Conference 2018

Was a a while back, but we have been a bit busy here only just getting a chance to jot this down now! Fantastic talk Rod Miller (AWN SA Wool Marketing Manager) & I presented to the ladies that attended the conference.  Highlight was an interview with Abc rural radio.

Here are my notes from my presentation you can have read.

"My Name is Lucy McNaught and I’m a Kiwi living and working in rural South Australia, Kangaroo Island. Recently, I happen to meet the Kangaroo Island Wool group, accepting the role as Sales Manager. A very exciting opportunity to say the least.

I have a long history with wool in my life growing up on sheep farm in central New Zealand, a small district called the Rangitikei. I spent long days on the farm with dad and in the wool shed too. But passion for fashion was where my life and career have taken me. Working for Kangaroo Island Wool is huge opportunity for me."

  • Lucy McNaught is a Sales expert from Kangaroo Island South Australia and recently excepted a fantastic opportunity with Kangaroo Island Wool as Sales Manager, Marketing and Managing  the sale of Kangaroo Island Merino and New Zealand possum fur luxury fashion clothing and accessories on Kangaroo Island and there new website . Lucy studied a bachelor of fashion and design and has worked in retail for 20 years.  Having previously worked with merino possum clothing in her origin of New Zealand and in retail on Kangaroo Island, Lucy has extensive sales experience and knowledge too offer this region.  Growing up in New Zealand on a sheep farm in the Rangitikei district of the central North Island and a Husband that is a sheep shearer, has contributed to her connection in agriculture whilst still remaining a fashionista at heart. Lucy is passionate about helping to improve the supply of ‘farm to fashion’ and to educate people on buying quality products that are renewable, sustainable and last the test of time!  Lucy will be presenting on how local branding can change the way we consume. And the diversity and opportunities it offers the community. 
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