Wrap Your Creative Ideas in Kangaroo Island Wool

Calling all Kangaroo Island Artist & Designers - Unique Commission Opportunity!

Kangaroo Island Wool is excited to announce a new project to create a unique product for Kangaroo Island – a throw rug made from Kangaroo Island Wool Pty Ltd shareholders merino wool. We are asking for design submissions for a one-off commission to design the knitwear blanket. 

Budget and schedule - A commercial rate will be paid for services on delivery of specifications for the projects final selected entry. Deadline for your submission is 14/03/2019.

Target market - We want to connect with a broad cross-section of the tourism market on Kangaroo Island. Our new rug will make a great lightweight, useful, lasting souvenir for holiday makers. We would also love to see our quality product adopted in the boutique hospitality market on Kangaroo Island. What better welcome to guests than a cosy knitted throw rug designed just for the Island.  And what a beautiful gift it would make for a 21st, wedding or house-warming – a gift that will bring years of joy and memories.

 Available materials/required materials - The throw rug will be made from Kangaroo Island Merino wool. Two yarn colours will be used with a third colour effect available by mixing the two colours (creates a mottled effect). The border will always be in this third colour effect. The colours chosen need to be harmonious and complimentary. The blanket will be professionally knitted in two sizes (Large - 180cm x 140cm and Small - 150cm x 140 cm) on commercial knitting machines by our partner factory in Melbourne. 

Overall style/look - We are looking for modern contemporary forms of artwork that are a classic, timeless refection of Kangaroo Island. A true keep sake that will last for many years to come. Please do not be discouraged if your artistic or design skill does not lie in knitwear design. We are open to all submissions, keeping in mind the restrictions involved in the finished product (eg composition, construction and colour). We have an expert team of knitwear designers and technicians to work alongside you and help to bring your ideas to life.  This is a a fantastic opportunity for new and established artist and designers. 

Kangaroo Island residents – current or past – will be preferred in the tender process. For more details or to submit your designs contact Lucy McNaught – Kangaroo Island Wool’s sales and marketing manager -  lucy@kangarooislandwool.com or phone 0459 121 097.






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